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Cory Branch
Cory Branch of Morristown, TN joined us in 2016 as our engine disassembly and clean-up guy. He has always had a love for anything cars.
Darryl Brooks
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Christa Hill
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Jason Lawson
Jason Lawson of Morristown, Tennessee began working with us the first day we opened the doors in 2000 and is Vic's right-hand man at the engine shop and has a lot of passion for his work and an excellent repur with the guys at the shop as well as our vendors and especially our customers.
Wesley Laws
Wesley Laws hails from Limestone, Tennessee. He started working with us in 2015. Wesley has fit in perfectly here with his main role preparing each engine going on and off dyno. Wesley has been involved in racing his entire life, he would go to the races with his dad - Jerald Laws - and family when he was a child and continues do be at the track helping other race teams with his supporting wife, Lisa Laws.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith of Newport, Tennessee began working with us in 2003. The first day he showed up Vic asked him to grind on some heads and since then Dave’s grinding room has become “Dave’s Headquarters.”
Flea Bag "The Dog"
Flea Bag came to us in 2003, as a stray who looked as if he’d been neglected & possibly abused. He was covered in fleas, hence, his name, which has stuck after he officially became our shop dog. He puts a smile on your face every single day as he jumps in excitement when he sees our car pulling into the shop. He’s skittish most of the time but without a doubt he and Vic are tight!